Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Potential Clients

Q: Do you charge for initial consultations?

A: Yes. The consultations are based on our hourly rates; if you have a one-hour consult, you will be charged for one hour of the attorney’s time; or one-half of that amount for a 30 minute consult, etc.

Q: It took me a couple of weeks to get in to see you the first time because you were so booked up. Once I become a client of the firm, will it always take so long to get in?

A: No. Due to the high number of calls, we have different calendaring rules for prospective new clients than we do for existing clients. As an existing client, you will be able to get in as soon as is needed (which could be immediately in some cases).

Also, in many cases, the initial consultation becomes the only face-to-face meeting. After that, much of the representation is conducted by email, telephone, working directly with support staff, meeting at court while waiting for our hearing to be called, etc.

FAQ – Existing Clients

Q: How soon will you respond to my email?

A: I receive a large volume of email every day. I have to pick and choose which ones to answer first, given on the priorities and deadlines of all my cases. I do eventually read and respond to every single client email. Sometimes I do so within minutes; more often, a day or two. When I’m experiencing a deluge of emails, it may take weeks.

Because of this, I always tell clients to call the office if they want an immediate answer. I have always pledged to respond to every message by the end of the next business day (and strive to do so by the end of the same day, but can’t always do that if I am in court, in another meeting, etc.).


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